RavenousOne (ravenousone) wrote,

Congratulations! It's a SCRIPT!!!!

Well, after only two weeks and two days! I finished the first draft of my script! I'm so totally excited!!! I go tomorrow to register it with the guild and the shopping will commence! One of my friends was all, you should try to get it to Joss Wheadon...WHOM I LOVE!! (Buffy...you know!) and I realised that I know a girl who's boyfriend's roomate is Joss' brother. Ok...so my script isn't funny, witty, but it is Vampire! YAY!...if you didn't already know...I have a Vamp fetish! Thus the profile pic most of the time!

On other happier notes...I'm having a bit of Acid Refucks right now! YICK!

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