RavenousOne (ravenousone) wrote,

FURIOUS AT Anat Dychtwald!

I'm so fucking ANGRY!!! Yes, almost EVERONE would say...who the fuck is Anat Dychtwald????
Yes...quite obscure! Anat Dychtwald is a lady I had the pleasure to see in "Coupling Season 1: The Girl With Two Breasts" and the GREAT MISFORTUNE to come in contact with!

The BBC Show "COUPLING" is one of my all time Favourite sitcoms Domestic or abroad! It just so happens to be BBC...So, I have every season on DVD and LOVE it. One of my favourite episodes was, and I repeat WAS, "The Girl With Two Breasts" Very Very Very Funny!!!

All of that is back story. I've lived here in LA for a year now and have had the pleasure of serving several celebrities and most of whom are greater than Anat Dychtwald. And the greatest majority have been quite pleasurable to be serving or just having them in the same environment. The story actually begins several days ago, I'd day Wednesday? I walked off the patio, where I was serving, and saw this woman carrying a baby and a highchair and my Manager approaching her. "Excuse me? May I help you?" and the woman started to make a fool of herself and yelled at her saying "I come here all the time and there's always a wait, and there's always several tables opened. This is ridiculous and I'm going to sit down and be served." She gave my manager the most ARROGANT smirk that sickened me! I'm always amazed by guests that come into a restaurant and treat the staff horriblly, and expect everything their way and in their own timing. Restaurants run by a certain order and they are that way for a reason...most of the time. Anyway, this woman sat herself and her baby at a table in a station that didn't have a server...I told the manager to not send anyone over...but this woman accosted another server and talked her into serving her...She was impatient, insullent, rude, and just a plain Cunt!!! FUCKING BITCH!!! It took me several hours to recall where I'd seen her, but I'd just watched that specific episode just days before, yes...that woman, the total fucking bitch cunt is Anat Dychtwald!!!

I don't do this but I'm furious that she, first of all, treated someone like she did and secondly am furious that I can NEVER watch that episode and enjoy it....EVER agian!! I'll forever watch that episode thinking "What a fucking cunt!" I'm UBER FURIOUS and I seriously hope that when she, or someone else googles her name, that she reads this and seriously reconsiders her treatment of others!

I also hope that she or someone else can instill in her poor child the importantce of treating others with respect despite their job or social status.

Nice manners Ms. Anat Dychtwald!!!
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