RavenousOne (ravenousone) wrote,

just a quick pop in!

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while! but I'm so addicted to MySpace! and I just forget about my LJ...although I still LOVE LJ!

anyway...I'm still, after almost a year trying to get used to seeing Celebrities all the time...it's just weird! Mandy Moore was a few booths over from me at Swinger's the other night...Kathy Bates came in twice and remembered my name! Saw Keri Russel, Amy Lee, and Amanda Bynes at Barne's and Noble...It's just weird! I love it!

So, new things...I hate my job! That's not so new! Same shit different town...LA tippers SUCK! well, the one's I've been coming in contact with. It's less than 10 days away from Christmas and I haven't bought ANYTHING for my family, still trying to pay my bills! and This shit sucks!
I'm hopefully going to have a new job after the New Year!

I'm talking to Charlize Theron's Manager about getting her to host my Charity event I'm putting together called Breast Fest*LA and I'm stoked about that! now if I can just get Sarah Mclachlan or someone to commit too!

Well!! Other than Cheese and bills everything in my life ROCKS! I'm getting my script into a friends hands who LOVES finding money for projects like this, I also just might have the opportunity to get it into Steven Soderbergs hands, and possiblly Joss Wheadon!!! YEAH!!! Fingers crossed for a GREAT OPTION! or SUPER SELLING PRICE! or getting to make it and direct it! Either would rock!

Well...chat to you later...off to care for a sick friend!
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