RavenousOne (ravenousone) wrote,

Uh...Ok...this shit is horrible...it's the cayenne pepper! Spicy Lemonade...YICK. I'm not sure I'll be able to drink this stuff for 3 to 5 days. LOL...I was going to leave it at 3 but I must be optimistic!

It's been raining for most of the day today, which has gotten me a bit melencholy (however you spell it, a writer who can't spell!). I've been thinking how I feel like I've totally missed a few seasons. It's weird! But, obviously I haven't. I spoke with a friend today from high school, which in it's sef is stange. He's all married and has kids and shit! I can't even imagine if I would have gotten married and had kids. I'm not even sure I can imagine having them period! But we also used to be in church together, but he's totally cool now, I was nervous about talking to him seeing as how we were so heavily involved in church. I was sure he'd be all judging, but not at all! It was really cool. He's got a seriously strong Texas accent going on. I know I did at one time...but I kept thinking...did I really ever sound that hick!

I can't wait to get my screenplay sold! Things are in the works, but why do these Hollywood people have to take so long just to call you or when you follow up, they're all, "uh...yeah...we haven't gotten around to it yet!" I do understand that they have lives and stuff and there are more pressing matters on their plates!!! BUT COME ON!!! LOL, I'm ready! Let's make it happen!!!

Well, well, well! Off to drink more spicy lemonade...YIKES!!!
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