RavenousOne (ravenousone) wrote,

It was Taradise!!

Yeah! My star struck moments continue! Tara Reid came in to my restaurant last night! It was kind of cool. She looked good...ok...

Anyhow...Day 3 of the Master Cleanse! Doing a lot better than I thought I would! Still going to try to make it to day 5! Don't feel real hungry yet. I had moments yesterday!

A bunch of us went to M.J.'s last night! It was really fucking cool! I had a great time! I didn't even drink...the only thing is that it was so damn crowded! Some hot, hot, hot men!!!
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So glad to see you updating again!
I know...I'm a loser sometimes...I'm mostly on MySpace, so that's been taking my priority! But I like this cause I can write about things I wouldn't write about on my music MySpace!