RavenousOne (ravenousone) wrote,

Gorgeous Day!

YAY! I love today! My first Saturday off in ages! I'm finally NOT sick for the first time in a week. I had a lunch date. It's not raining! I LOVE TODAY!

I got uber sick on Monday...called in and everything, fever, chills, aches, congestion, and the list goes on! It POURED both Monday and Tuesday and I stayed in bed most of those two days. I did get out for a bit on Tue. night because I went stir crazy. I went to Ameoba Music...Damn that place is not good. It sucks me in and I end up spending money I shouldn't on music. As if I don't have enough! but I met a guy, yes while I was sober...I know hard to believe!

Wednesday I went to my friend Rachel's after going to Best Buy to get a Wirless card so that I can actually do things like this in my own room in a NON-Virus infected computer. Then my roommate Jaime called and said that our other roommate Zach wanted for us to go to Fiesta Cantina. I was all I'm not sure I've not been feeling well, OK I'll go! Yep! It was so much fun! Roommate Time Rocked!

Thursday we didn't go to M.J.'s as is our custom. I had a breaker shift and got off early so I asked Gregg if he wanted to go to La Piazza for a drink, and he's all yes...so to say the least a few glasses of wine at La Piazza and I was on my way home, or so I thought. I got all the way to La Brea and Gregg calls..."Hey, do you wanna go to Old Coast?" and I'm all hesitantly say "uhhh yes." Three pitchers of beer later it's bar time! Yep, ugly lights and all! I'm such an alcoholic!

Friday...I worked lunch, far from profitable, but it was a good easy day. Then I went to see my friend Kristy Kruger play at Genghis Cohen! LOVE HER! Then went to hang out at the old apartment for a bit, catch up on gossip, etc.

Saturday...had a date...yes...a date! A sober, in the daylight, quick date ;)...It was nice for a change! He's a nice guy. Not sure if I'm really into him, but He's nice! Ah...first date in YEARS!!! I know hard to believe but true! yay! Now, I really have nothing to do, so I'm hanging around my house playing on the internet when I should be working on my script rewrite or something like that...maybe laundry? enjoying the gorgeous day...but no, inside...on the comp. Love my life :)
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