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I've been trying to kick this "YICKINESS" for the last two and a half week! Uggghhh! I have chest congestion and drainage and ICK! Last night I couldn't go to sleep cause I was coughing this god only knows what out of my lungs, finally took some cough supressant with and expectorant (I like that word, it's so unassuming) and went to sleep for two hours and at 4am woke up again with a tribe of mini mucogens trying desperately to cling to my lungs while I try to dislodge them! YUGGGHHH! So now with the Tyloneol Cold SEVER Congestion formula...I'm hopeing to evict that mucous for good! as I'm sure everyone wanted to know about that, I'll continue on to another topic!

My Script! I'm in the process of trying to do a rewrite on my script. I'm kind of stressed because I think I have some ideas but them I'm all "uhhh, then what?" Seriously, I'm just ready to finish this, sell it, and move on with my life! ;) lol

Ok...Easter Rocked...even though work started off slowly...I got Hella Good Timps! It ROCKED!! After last week getting $2 tip on some Prissy Latin Queens bill of $139. If you're reading this....YOU BITCHES SUCK!!! Serving is a neverending flip of the coin. Everyone should know that it's customary to tip %20 in a cloth napkin restaurant...it just is! I don't make shit witout your tips! But they don't...or they do and just choose to be BITCHES! I know, I know...you say...Karma! and I say YES...Karma...BUT TIP BITCHES TIP!

Ok...went to a lovely PotLuck dinner at a friends house! So nice...I told my Mom today that it feels good to be 1700 miles away from my whole family and still feel like I fit in on holidays! Hell, it's just nice to feel like you fit somewhere period!
Tags: easter, eating out, tipping
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