RavenousOne (ravenousone) wrote,

Anat Dychtwald Strikes Again!

Yes the less than lovely Anat Dychtwald did it again! So this confirms that she's a bigger BITCH than originally thought! I know, seemingly impossible right? but now! She at least waits to be sat this time...and when they bring Ms. Anat Dychtwald to her table there was a stroller on one side (just check your fucking strollers people) and someone's bags on the other side (When you go out to eat, taking three tables for you purchases is wrong). This would, agreeably, make ME a bit put out, but I would understand. Well, Ms. Dychtwald "guffaws" says "No" and storms out of the restaurant like a petulant child! Come on Anat Dychtwald...You're not that important as to make a fuss over something so fucking trivial and treating people that are just trying to do their jobs so unacceptablly!

So you ruin my favourite episode of Coupling and you're just making me more angry! Come off it!
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